About Me

Welcome to my website. I hope you'll enjoy and discover what I do for therapy. I wish you a very positive and beautiful day.

My name is Philippe Billet and i work in kinesiology since 2006. Originally from Brittany in France, I first worked in sales in various fields, from books to luxury products. Having been in a car accident as a youngster, I had some back and lower limb problems. So I saw a good amount of osteopaths and physiotherapists without having had much change, especially concerning my structure. Until I met an osteopath from Saint Cloud near Paris, who after a few sessions together, asked me why I wanted so much to understand how my body worked and where my blockages came from.

Then she gave me two addresses including my school of kinesiology IFKA in Grenoble where I did a large part of my diplomas and trainings up to the professional, then after an osteopathic internship related to kinesiology, I went to finish my professional at OAK, the school of my teacher giving the courses at IFKA.

And since this year I work in relation with sportsmen, dancers, musicians, and artists in order to allow them to be at their best in their professional life. And the rest of the time with my patients.

Training, qualifications & experience

More than 2500 Hours training.

Owner of the therapy against Fears / Beliefs / Habits

Applied Kinesiology Pro

Sport Kinesiology

Vision Circle

Osteopathy In relation with Kinesiology

S.I.P.S level 1 to 4

Manual Therapy

Bach flower remedies

Movement and learning